Genesis of Help-A-Human

Hello,my name is Joey Bellus and here is how one simple idea has changed my life…forever. 

I was sitting in the second day of my advanced life-rehab class and it hit me like a ton of bricks, ” I am a selfish son of a B*%ch!!”  my whole life all I have ever done is think about me first.  Ive NEVER…NEVER done anything like this.  Im an owner of a fitnessstudio in Gilbert, Arizona and for the past 8 years ive dedicated my life to helping people through the world of health and fitness.  My mindframe was if they didnt come into my studio…I couldnt help them.  I couldnt have been more wrong in my entire life.  Ive always been fascinated by the world of Drugs, Crime, the Mafia and Homeless people, since I can remember I would always watch shows, read books or ask people that were involved in any of these catagories to tell about their experiences…all catagories have always grabbed my attention and until recently I decided to take on one in paticular.  prior to my advanced life rehab class I had watched a few documentaries on humans, human connection and homeless people.  “The human Project” “Dark Days” and “The wasteland” all three documentaries really opened my eyes and hit hard.  I couldnt sleep, I felt sad and I felt super selfish.  As I was sitting in my class the idea hit me “help a human” my mind starting racing with all kinds of ideas of how we as “human beings have become so disconnected from each other” how donating has become a household word and how AUTHENTIC SHARING is becoming more and more rare.  One of the biggest things I love doing is sharing…sharing REAL LIFE SHIT…I hate playing pretend with people, I hate small talk ( even though its neccassary) I love being able to talk about EVERYTHING with people…the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  I love hearing it too.  It creates a space for authentic sharing but, too many people are afraid to open up.  THATS WHERE MY BIGGEST IDEA COMES INTO PLAY.  Over the years I have found myself opening up to complete strangers in a way that I would NEVER do with people close to my life.  Ive found myself locked into conversations with people that I have met 1 time spilling my innermost thoughts, secrets and personal beliefs and I walk away with the most amazing feeling… NO JUDGEMENT!!!  people judge all the time and we as humans hate being judged but, ive learned YOU CANT JUDGE STRANGERS and let alone STRANGERS CANT JUDGE YOU because who knows if you’ll ever see them again! So I wanted to show people the difference between Authentic Sharing and Donating…I wanted to add a PERSONAL touch and the personal letter was just the key.  The pillowcases idea was a way to make a “present” that we could put anything we wanted inside and NO ONE would see or judge, but the letter was an outlet for us as humans to share with other HUMANS, for us to share ideas, thoughts and dreams with people that we have no clue who they are.  for us to show these people that WE WILL SHARE with them, we want to inspire them, to let them know that life isnt over that WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS, HARDSHIPS, DREAMS and that we can relate to them as humans and not just “outcasts” like most people treat them.  I wanted these pillowcases and letters to create a platform for AUTHENTIC human interaction and sharing…NOT DONATING.  I wanted to open the eyes of people and show everybody how dissconnected we have become from one another….show people that DONATING is easy and that sharing is scary, it leaves us uncomfortable, vunerable and causes us to step outside of our comfort zone.  Help-A-Human has shown me how selfish I really am and how much I need to grow, it showed me how Naive I was and still am, it has also showed my how important people really are, that we should never give up on people its shown me how much I love sharing…how much I love listening when there are no barriers to hold people back…Help-A-Human is something that I can continue to grow and share with as many people as possible…

Authentically yours,

Joey B