Mr. Miller

As i am approaching my fourth going on the help-a-human pillowcase delivery i have had many thoughts and experiences. Some of which include the first visit when we had a real life situation of what occurs at margaret t hance park every single day. This was when the homeless people got into a big argument basting up a fight, causing one of them to almost be killed. Another remarkable experience i have had is when we were talking to sundance (I will never forget that name) on this last visit, and he taught us how to play solitaire 106 different ways. probably the most amazing thing i saw on this lasttrip though was when i saw the guy with my lime green nikes i hadgiven him the previous trip still there and still haven his nike boots. Over all three of my help-a-human trips i would have to say that it is just an amazing feeling you get when you know you saved these peoples lives. Finally what i have taken in from halp-a-human is that you need to be greatly for what you have and what you get, because you cant have everything you want, and everything to go your way.
Sample letter
No matter what is going on in your life right now, good things will come and pick you up, because life is like a bridge, sometimes it collapses and you have no idea how you ended up in this bad situation, but you need to build it back up, and when you reach the top you will say to yourself that was hard, but man i hope i dont have to do it again. What i am saying is life has many good things and bad things about it, but things will change no matter how good or bad they are as long as you believe in yourself, people you know, and god, you will go far. So keep your head up and keep believing.
Brady Miller
Campo Verde High School

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