Long and loving!

Long and Loving!

May 2011, I was introduced to Help-A-Human and my life will never be the same. I remember the night my brother shared Help-A-Human with me, “Danielle I have something you will love!” Michael says “This is perfect for you and I want you there with me”. People who don’t my brother and I, we have one of a kind relationship. Of course if Michaels thinks I will love it, I will LOVE IT! If he wants me there, I AM THERE! So it just happened that the Thursday before the first Help-A-Human was MY first day being welcome into the OPT family. I met Joey Thursday, was at OPT Friday for the collection of our pillow cases and Saturday, sharing our pillow cases with are fellow humans. That Saturday I was filled with emotions; excitement, joy, doubt and fear. My brother and I walked around for about ten minutes before we found our first fellow humans. Talk about the perfect people for our firsts! All fear that I had in me left as we started talking to two gentlemen. We shared our pillow cases with them, as well as many warm smiles and laughs. Never until that moment had I realized how a simple smile can make such a huge impact. As much as they loved my smile, their smiles gave me more comfort than I ever could have imagined. I remember getting home that Saturday and having such a passion for getting more involved. At the time I worked at Starbucks, so I set up a bin collecting all donations from our customers. We got more stuff donated then I could have ever wished for. I then began emailing anywhere and everywhere I thought might donate supplies. I got turned down a lot but sure enough I got some positive responses. We ended up getting tooth paste, tooth brushes and sunscreen donated as well as a few pillow cases. I can’t thank those people enough for helping make help-a-human such a success the past four months.

By reading what both Joey and Shaun have shared I am sure the emphasis of SHARING is very obvious.  I have learned sharing yourself to others not only impacts their lives but allows so many different possibilities in your own life. There are many life changing experiences I have had by SHARING myself through Help-A-Human and am so excited to see what is to come. Saturday, July 29th Help-A-Human was on! I made my way over to my very own “two gentlemen” (the ones from the first weekend with the warm smiles) and began sharing. In my letter last month I went into great details about my big plans in my life. I shared with one of the men how I was in the beginning stages of starting my own non-profit organization and from there our conversation exploded. After four hours of sharing about his life, college career, and successful jobs, to my life, college career and future opportunities. He put me in contact with some very powerful people that have helped me learn some ins and outs of starting my own non-profit. He shared many great ideas, and sparked many new ideas with me while pushing me to the next level. I was introduced to so many life changing opportunities by SHARING my  passion for starting my own non-profit organization. I learned so many things about him, myself, and life. He taught me the raw facts/truths about the life of a homeless human being, creating even more passion for Help-a-human in my heart.  I SHARED a dream of mine, creating an unexplainable relationship with this man. Following the start of that new relationship, my determination to get involved continued to grow. That next Monday night I collected donated clothes from a family friend. While I was driving home I saw a husband and wife standing on the corner with a sign hoping for any help they could get. With my car jam packed with clothes I pulled over. I got a bucket of KFC chicken and asked the couple if they were in need of any clothes and sure enough they were. We spend about an hour sharing stories while they shopped in the back of my car enjoying a KFC dinner. The young lady had expressed how blessed to had felt to get two dresses from my car for her interview tomorrow. Soon enough we went our separate ways, but the happiness I experienced was unexplainable. That next afternoon I was driving past that same corner and there they were, that same couple from the night before. They were sitting at the bus stop, the young lady wearing one of the dresses! So of course I pulled over! She ran over to me with the most sincere smile I have ever seen…she had gotten the job. “Thank you so much, not just for the clothes but for opening your heart to us. Seeing a beautiful young lady with a heart like yours was so inspirational. I knew there was no way I wasn’t getting this job!!”  She confessed to me. Remember that happiness I told you I had the night before….well it hit me about 100 times harder. What I have learned from being involved in help-a-human cannot be learned in a classroom. There really is no way of explaining how these experiences have impacted my life. I invite everyone to see for themselves. Share yourself! In sharing yourself opportunities are created that could never be possible otherwise. You become an inspiration to other people as they inspire you. Step out of the box, out of the comfort zone allowing connection, inspiration, motivation and life changing experiences to occur. 

This will be the five weekend that those two gentlemen will be who I share with first. I will be bringing them two coffees, one with cream and sugar and one black! They are no longer just two gentlemen, they are friends and I cannot wait to reconnect with them this Saturday. 🙂

Danielle S.


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