If I have tagged you in this note…please read. There are many reasons why I have tagged so many people…and if you read this and truly understand what it’s about and will take a look at yourself then you know y I tagged you. Some of you I have tagged because you have taught me more about myself then anyone else ever will, some I have tagged because I want to be NOTHING like you, some I have tagged because I admire every single thing you do, some I have tagged because you know me best…u know how much I still need to grow and who I really am, some people I have tagged because I absolutely love every bit of your energy…some people I have tagged because they keep lying to themselves, some people I have tagged because I see nothing but potential in them, some of you I have tagged because u will always be a stronger and a better person than me, some people I have tagged because I’ve never laughed harder with. Some I have tagged because I have shared moments with you that I will NEVER forget, some I have tagged because you are lost…your lost and you need help, some people I have tagged because I truly do and still care about you so much. Some of you I have tagged because I am trying to become more like you. some of you I have tagged because we have had conversations that ring in my head on a daily basis, some of you I have tagged so you know that I will always be here for you and you don’t need to be afraid of me…please read this and think about what I have said…and you’ll know y I have tagged you if you truly take a look into your heart.

I didn’t write this to be an author…I didn’t write this to be on a soapbox…I wrote this to let you know who I REALLY am and all I’m trying to do is either thank you or try and help you. If you feel that this will help someone you know…pleez feel free to tag someone…thank you.


For those of you who know me best know that I can be very stubborn and don’t like to change the way I do things at all. The times in my life that I have changed or will change are times that I can truly grow as a person or an eye opening event occurs. There have been three people in my life that I can say I knew and have passed away. One was a really close friend of mine who was the same age as me, Her name was Angie Bradley…from her passing I learned that I needed to express how I felt more, that I didn’t open up enough to people and that if a good friend of mine were to pass again they would know that I appreciated them to their fullest extent. The second time someone close to me passed was my best friends mother Kristina Gastelum… Prior to her passing me and her son hadn’t been talking for a good year or so and after her passing our friendship has never been stronger…And from her passing I learned that you cant let stupid petty things ruin a true friendship, you cant let ego, pride and hard headedness get in the way of forming life long bonds. With the passing of Kristina I also learned that we take sooo many things in this world for granted, and within an instant it could all be taken away from us, and since then, there hasn’t been a time where I’ve talked to my Mother and didn’t end the conversation with “I love you Mom”. Because if I never got a chance to talk to her again…those would be the words I would have wanted her to hear me say last. Aunt Kathy is the third person in my life that I have known who has passed on…and it has affected me in a way that I would have never imagined. Most people didn’t know that Aunt Kathy and I have talked with each other more over the past year than the combined 25 years prior. She would call me and talk to me about my business and tell me how proud she was of me and ask me how I was doing and if I liked what I was doing, and how she was so happy that what I was doing made me happy. She would tell me what Andrew and Serena had been doing and what uncle Jim and Grandma and Grandpa had been up to, And I would have to play dumb anytime I heard family news because Kathy had already filled me in. She would always face book message me asking me how I was doing, and again tell me how proud she was of me. At the time it shocked me that she would do this and until now I didn’t know why she was doing it, seeing as though she had never talked to me like this before. …

When I received the call Monday morning that Kathy had passed I was in complete shock and didn’t know what to think nor say…as the day went on all I could think about was how she used to call me, why did she call me? And why out of no where did she pass? It wasn’t till an email that I received Tuesday from one of my clients that had him talking about his fears, failures and some of his personal setbacks did Kathy’s passing “hit” me. This is what I told him and this is what I’m telling you, this is what I’m telling myself…this is how Kathy’s passing has changed my life.

Life is so short and every single day we take our own life and other people’s lives for granted. You never know when your time has come or a loved ones time has come. If you knew Kathy at all then you knew she didn’t care about what you thought about her, she didn’t care what she wore, how she talked, didn’t care if you were going to judge her….no matter what, she was going to be Kathy. She wasn’t Scared…she did as she pleased and that made her happy. Too many of us get caught up in the cookie cutter lifestyle that the world has placed upon us…too many of us become “institutionalized”. We move to fast, we care too little and we are SCARED way too much. Scared to fail, scared to fall, scared to take risks, scared to be alone, scared to show emotion, scared to say what’s “REALLY” on our minds, SCARED TO SHOW THE WORLD AND OTHERS AROUND US WHO WE REALLY ARE. The world has turned so many of us into cowards and cookie cutter molds that we become miserable. As you listen to me or read this, ask yourself if you truly are happy or are you just putting on a smile because that’s what you were taught to do, ask yourself if what your doing is truly making you happy, ask yourself… are you scared??? Are you scared to take risks? Are you scared of failure? Are you scared to be something different …something authentic? I told Joe like I’m telling you and I have now just realized this since Kathy has passed…life is to short to be scared, life is to short to NOT take risks, life is to damn short to worry what other people think of you…life is to short and while we are here…we need to be what we WANT TO BE. If you fall or fail its no big deal…get up and try again, cuz life is too short for us NOT to get back up and life is too short to NOT TRY!!! Life is to short to be miserable, and I’m here, now telling you that I will NOT be a miserable person and I will forever do what makes me happy and I will forever be who I’m suppose to be not what others think I should be or want me to be. Kathy called me and talked to me about what makes me the most happy…my business. My ability to help people, to guide people, to motivate people and make a difference in peoples lives, Kathy knew that what I do makes me happy and because of that it made her happy…what made Kathy happy is when others around her were happy. It didn’t matter if you were family or not, she wanted people to be happy…as I look around this world I see so much misery it makes me sad. To many people focus on things that in the end…will NEVER matter… to many people do not “Grow” and they stay eating the same cheese forever and ever and don’t even realize it…they don’t even realize they’re miserable, they just think that’s what life is about. They become content before they ever reach their full potential…they WASTE TIME!!! And our time here is so short here on this earth. So, ask yourself if you are growing as a person, are you growing physically? Mentally? Emotionally? and spiritually? Are you wasting your time here on earth? 90% of people in this world waste their life chasing happiness and will never get it because they’re scared. They’re scared to take a good look at themselves and see how miserable they really are and are scared of the work its going to take to become happy. Kathy’s passing has taught me so much more than I could have EVER imagined…I will no longer be scared of myself, of others, of my emotions and being who I want to be…I want happiness and if I’m scared… I will never find it. Everything happens for a reason and even though we NEVER want anyone to pass, from this event I have grown, and I hope that everyone who reads this or listens to this will grow as well. Without Kathy being gone…I know that I would have been scared…I am no longer scared to be who I want to be or who I’m suppose to be. Thank you Aunt Kathy for showing me it’s ok to be who you are. Those phone calls meant more to me than you’ll ever know, I love you and I’m anxious to see you again someday so I can thank you in person for changing my life.


Inspired by: A True Story

Written by: Vincent “A-Three-Penny-Piece” – Friday, May 28th  2010



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