When I die on my tomb stone it will read…”Here lies Joey Bellus…”




Life is…a roll coaster ride full of shit!! And get used to it…because the shit…it never ends. And the more you don’t want it to happen…the more a gigantic butt comes down from the sky and keeps dropping more off…and guess what…you forgot your umbrella.

I came to the landmark forum for a few reasons…I wanted to find consistency, balance and success in life. I came because I wanted my business to be successful and knew that if I couldn’t change my outlook on myself or life…all of my dreams would die and nothing is more important to me than my dreams.


Break through#1

 They say what when someone is talking and you begin to zone out or get tired it’s a subconscious way of resistance.  And the first time I started to get tired was when we learned what the word “integrity” and integrity in the forum has nothing to do with your “morals”.  Integrity when we’re talking about transformation “is a state or condition of wholeness, and completeness” the more integrity you have the more you allow workability, and workability = the maximum opportunity for results and success. Integrity is playing by your rules, honoring your principles and values, honoring your word as yourself and having others honor their word.  I have been living a life with minimal amount of integrity and making excuses each time I didn’t want to have integrity.


Breakthrough #2

 I am a whiny, selfish, arrogant, lazy, boring, scumbag lying asshole, who is scared, weak, miserable and alone. (And I wonder y I’m still single)


Once I had accepted all of these things…I mean really accepted them…my journey began.


Breakthrough #3

I have nothing because that’s all I’ve ever been given, that’s all IVE ever asked for *cue the story of you running and how you realized everything you have ever asked for hit you like a ton of bricks* and for the first time in your life you felt like you weren’t running from EVERYTHING but you were running WITH everything because everything I have wanted…I have.


Breakthrough #4

I was mad at all the wrong people…I was really mad at myself and blamed other people for EVERYTHING…especially my sister…so in front of 200 people I opened up my heart for the very first time in my life and read a letter that I wrote to her…after it was done…I had finally realized how amazing and powerful love and happiness is.  I finally realized how powerful and amazing I am.


Break through #5

 nobody really sees how miserable or stressed they really are…they try to prove themselves over and over and want nothing more than to be “loved and accepted”

I woke up to a phone call Sunday morning…it was my brother.


Breakthrough #6

 Nothing….and with nothing you can create EVERYTHING!!! 


Breakthrough #7

 the more simple it is…the harder it is to understand “it can’t be this simple” “there has to be something more” “what’s the catch”There is no catch…you made that up all in your head…everyone is out to get you and the jokes on you…and now I can be a part of the biggest joke in the world “love and happiness” sit back and laugh at you and say “jokes on you”

And once I realized how “simple everything really is” I laughed and everything “starting coming together


Breakthrough #8 my nick name is “J-K.I.D.” for a reason…

And I realized all I am is just a lost kid…a lost kid who wants nothing more than to explore life, smile, laugh, cry, learn, play, fall down, get back up, make others laugh…make others happy…eat, sleep and do it all over again


Breakthrough #9

on the way to work…I “popped” on the way to work Monday morning I was driving and the first song I played on my ipod was a song called “shiny suit theory” by a poet named “jay Electronica” the chorus of the song goes

I’m sailing on a cloud

They trailing below

My shrink told me it’s a feeling they will never know

I pack up all my sins and wear them to the show

Let em go

Let em go

Let em go

Let em go

(you can look the song up to hear the whole version…and ive been listening to this song for a few weeks now and NEVER NEVER once even thought about having a breakdown…ive sung this song outloud and the I realized for the very first time…ive forgiven my self and let it all go)

My version in the car as I began to cry sounded like this

Im sailing on a cloud

They trailing below

My shrink told me it’s a feeling they will never know

I pack up all my sins, all of my insecurities, all of my hate, all of my anger, all of everybodys judgements and ridicule and wear them to the show

Let em go

Let em go

Let em go

Let em go


At that moment I had finally forgiven myself for everything I have done and had peace of mind…because I found integrity, love and happiness.  I thought I came to the forum to find myself…but I found out that I came to the forum and lost everything.  And when you’re lost there are an endless amount of possibilities of what you can find. You just have to accept the fact that if you want to be ordinary you’ll forever be “reasonable” if you want to extraordinary you’ll be FOREVER unreasonable.

Thomas Edison

The wright brothers

Albert Einstein

Martin Luther King


There were all unreasonable…look at what happened…just sayin…




We all swim around in a sea of opinions…trying to be right,

not be wrong,

you better hold on tight

because im not that strong

 trying to look good,

and not look bad

We are all happy

And get made fun of when were sad

Look tough

Never weak

Were all scared

But never speak

Were all sooo reasonable

All so sure

All so successful

All so pure

Are you sure?

Are you REALLY sure?


Im not

Give me misery, give me pain

It’s only when we realize we have everything we ever wanted

Where you will truly make your gains

But you…

You wont


YOU WONT ever let it all go

You wont ever show me the hand you really hold

You wont ever realize how powerful you can be


Your power

 has just made me



My heart was so empty

Its now so full

From here on out

I can truly begin to grow


I Love you, accept you, and will never judge you

But some of you are a boulder of misery

And I will never be able to budge you

But when your ready to crumble

Ready to break

Ill help you pick up the pieces

And watch what you want to make

Life is a game and I choose to play

Life is a game and I choose bobby fisher

I choose the worlds best pitcher

Life is a game and I choose 7-2 off suit

And Im all in

If I lose

Ante up…

cuz im going back in

Life is a game and I choose bob barker

I choose Michael Jordan

I choose Tom Brady

Im going to lose time after time

Because I choose shit

And for the first time

Im going to roll around in it





 im sick and tired of living in the realm of “someday” and “when I”

Someday for me is right now

And when I


On my tombstone it will read “here lies joey bellus…whatta fucking ride!!!”




Inspired by: Real life shit


Written by: Joseph Vincent Bellus


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