Play the game of like children…

“Dont let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” Ever since we were born weve had to face new challanges and constantly get knocked down, whether it be for the littlest things or the largest. But I’m positive everyone gets knocked down, everyone has a bad day now and then. Everyone has been told they are wrong, their not good enough, that they have no hope. Everyone has been in that position. Everyone gets knocked down, but not everyone actually does something about it. We all have the strength with in us and the will to make a change. If we dont like something, why dont we fix it? Our happiness is ultimately our decision. If you get pushed down on the play ground you pretty much have two options: 1. Lay there and cry. 2. Get up and brush it off. It may seem like an obvious fact in that situation and pretty simple but bottom line is that that scenario isnt much different than some of the toughest situations you may encounter. If you believe in yourself and know that you want to make a change and put youre all into it, theres no way that change wont be made. Think about kindergarten. How many people didnt want to be a princess or a prince? None. How many kids would believe you if you told them they cant be a princess? None. We all used to dream big. So why cant we dream of a better tomorrow now that were grown? Why dont we dream of a solution that we can make? As kids we have no worries, we dont have to take any risks, the whole world is handed to us. But as we grow up we have to deal with the trials and the hardships. We have to brush our selves off when we fall off the monkey bars, we have to let it go when someone steals your bike, we have to let it make us stronger when a relationship ends, we have to look for the better in life and think of the challanges as just challanges. Think of the hard times as just an open invitation for you to show yourself how strong you really are. Think of the things that bring you down as just an oppertunity. An oppertunity to make a change in your life. An oppertunity to be in charge of your own happiness. And most importantly an oppertunity to realize where you have came from. To look back at all the hard times and think, wow those have made me the person I am today. We are constantly growing into the people we will be. And you want to be the best person you can be. Stay positive. You can do it. 


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